The Producer

John Hickman is a writer and documentary film producer. Most recently, he edited Darby Nelson’s book For Love of a River: The Minnesota (Beaver’s Pond Press, 2019) and produced a short promotional film about how it came to be published. In 1994, he wrote the recommendations in Working Together: A Plan to Restore the Minnesota River, the final report of the influential Minnesota River Citizens’ Advisory Committee. John was employed for 10 years at the Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation, where he was lead writer for such programs as The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary, Amazon Trail, and MECC’s last, best version of the iconic Oregon Trail.

John made his film debut in 2011 as executive producer of River Revival: Working Together to Save the Minnesota River (filmed by MGEpic master photographer-editor Jonathan Carlson and narrated by Ron Schara of Minnesota Bound fame). The 48-minute film premiered in prime time on NBC affiliate KARE11 TV to an audience of 85,000+, and more than 700 copies were distributed to schools, libraries, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. John’s film credits include productions for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center, Joseph R. Brown Minnesota River Center, and Sibley County Historical Society, among others.



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